This Christmas, Just Believe

Rework the beliefs that don’t work for you, but hold on to those that do!

Image by Lisa Moore from Pixabay

Believe — a small word with huge impact.

ave you ever thought of how beliefs can be both limiting and empowering?

Have you thought about how letting go of one belief can free you for life? And, similarly, how holding on to a belief can give you strength to keep walking?

Beliefs, like everything else, must be fluid...

They must evolve and take their own shape… Or, else, the buds of belief will never flower. Their ultimate form will never be realised.

Beliefs may betray you...

They may work at one stage of your life, and then, suddenly, one day, they may walk out of your life, without even saying goodbye… And, you won’t have much to hold on to.

To redesign your life, you have to rethink your beliefs…

But there are some beliefs that always stay…that you can hold on to no matter what…

That’s what Christmas is about — A time of the year, when once again you believe that the world abounds with joy, and that life is always worth celebrating, year after year!

Here’s what you can believe in this December, and then carry the same spirit with you, throughout the next year…

Believe in goodness

You may think goodness is fading in the world… You may think politics overrides every decision and situation, with little hope for societies to evolve…

But, then, you hear of frontline workers, who risk their lives to help others live, NGOs who help lesser privileged families survive the trying times… even individuals who came together during lockdowns to serve their neighbourhoods, and your belief in goodness gets restored.

Goodness will never die. It will resurrect every time…

All you need to do is decode its various manifestations, learn to spot it and appreciate it.

Believe in happiness

Stories of gloom and doom can hurl us into despair, especially for us hypersensitive souls, who worry endlessly about the pithy state of affairs.

We analyse and overanalyse what is not in our control… We worry for ‘what was’ and ‘what wasn’t’, ‘what will be’ and ‘what should be’.

But what we fail to do, is feel happy for what is, right now….

Not tomorrow or yesterday, but just being alive today, to cherish this amazing phenomenon called life. Being alive for one more day should be reason enough for happiness.

Thus, happiness comes largely from gratitude, for what life has given you and made you…and for another chance at happiness.

Believe in love

Love — in the conventional sense of loving family, friends, passions, and work — is limiting…

It shows us only what we want to see.

That’s why love disappoints — One personal loss and our world comes tumbling down.

True love is limitless.

Like the universe, love has no clear shape or form, because love simply is. It doesn’t pretend to be anything... It attaches itself to nothing, and merely exists.

The best part about love is that it needs nothing outside of it to exist. Whenever you feel unloved, look within… Whenever you want someone to love, look within.

The source of love is you alone…and you too are it’s final recipient.

Believe in yourself

There’s a quote by Shi Su Yan, 30th generation ‘tiger of Shaolin Temple’ —

‘Train tirelessly to defeat the greatest enemy, yourself, and to discover the greatest master, yourself.’

It’s easy to feel dejected by failure… It’s easy to succumb to temptations, give in to old habits, and make excuses for a job half done.

Can you really make excuses for a life half-lived?

Because if you don’t believe in yourself, you will eventually be left with exactly that — a life half-lived!

Life can be wonderful, meaningful, and everything else you want it to be…provided you believe in yourself!

So, this Christmas, simply ‘believe’…and wait for Santa to do the rest!

The article was first published on Common Sense Living, a digital publication with new-age lifestyle and wealth-building ideas.

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